Student Chapter of ACM - University of Wisconsin-Madison

SACM is the student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery at the University of Wisconsin. SACM exists to provide professional and social activities primarily for CS graduate students. Yet, certain big events are also open to undergraduate students, as well as the department faculty and staff. SACM provides a number of services to the Computer Sciences Department community, trying to make it a more enjoyable place for all.

SACM's main goals being the largest CS student organization are:

  • Enhance the sense of community in the Computer Science Department at UW Madison, focusing primarily on graduate students,
  • Provide graduate students with new career-building opportunities,
  • Allow graduate students to network with each other and with others in industry, to serve their community, and to seek leadership positions,
  • Enable graduate student to serve others
SACM cannot run without student volunteers and all students, first-years especially, are encouraged to become involved with SACM. It's a great way to give back to the departmental community. Usually the recruitement occurs every fall semester. You can find more information, including registration deadlines and open positions, in the join us page.

SACM is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at UW-Madison, and follows Student Organization Resource & Policy Guide. To be a member of the national ACM and get journals and discounts on conferences, you must join the national ACM directly and pay fees to it, but you do not need to do that to be involved in SACM.

You can contact SACM via email: sacm AT cs DOT wisc DOT edu