2018 COW Award comments for Remzi Arpaci Dusseau

Remzi is a phenomenal speaker who knows what he is talking about. He makes class fun with his humor, and presents information in a way that makes it understandable.Very knowledgable doesn't make us buy his textbook, website is very easy to use

Remzi has changed the way that I approach research and solve problems in numerous ways. He has led me to think more critically about all things that I measure and has taught me about supporting my beliefs and communicating about my findings.

Remzi has been the best professor I've had yet for a Computer Science course. The combination of the resources he provides and the many student assistants and TAs the the course demands, I've learned a great deal and am now considering graduate school.

Professor Arpaci-Dusseau has inspired me to pursue a career in operating systems and file systems. He clearly has a dedication to teaching and genuinely cares about his students. Great teaching style, as well. Definitely the best teacher I have ever had!

2018 COW Award comments for Mike Swift

Prof Swift's teaching methodology is quite effective. His reasonings and explanation of OS concepts were truely helpful and helped built core concepts.All in all, CS536 taught by him was a fun and enlightening class to be in.

Most understanding, responsive, and helpful CS professor I've had. Professor Swift definitely tried his hardest to make CS 537 a great class, and I appreciate that a ton.

He is a great professor who was always open to listen to my classmate's and my questions. He has been helpful in addition since he has helped with questions about graduate school and beyond.

Best. Prof. Ever.