SACM Social Activities and Services

SACM provides a number of services to the Computer Sciences Department community, trying to make it a more enjoyable place for all. These events and services are generally open and available to all students, faculty, staff, and their families and SO's.

SACM cannot run without student volunteers and all students, first-years especially, are encouraged to become involved with SACM. It's a great way to give back to the departmental community.


The Fall Picnics are the department's largest formal social events. Once each fall semester SACM funds a large picnic, which provides beer, soda, brats, burgers, veggie burgers, salads, and snacks to those fortunate enough to be in attendance. The picnics have traditionally been held in Vilas Park.

Past picnics have featured volleyball, frisbee, touch football, soccer, and croquet in addition to the food and drink. The picnics are well attended by faculty and students alike.

Coffee Club

The department offers free caffeine through the SACM Coffee Club. For more information, see the Coffee Club page.

Coke Club

We have our own computerized coke machine and we're very proud of it. Check out the coke page for more info.