SACM Coke Club

In order to generate revenue for the Wisconsin SACM chapter, and to circumvent the ridiculous campus monopoly on 12 oz cans of soda pop -- and just be geeky -- our coke machine has been computerized. It does not accept coin or currency (not even those spiffy new state quarters), but instead debits a person's coke account whenever they log in to the terminal alongside the coke machine and buy a coke.

(stolen graphic from Caltech)

(coke button!)

So how does it work?

We're so glad you asked.

Additional information can be gleaned from the following formatted man page.

Machine specs (finger it):

The SACM coke machine is under the direct supervision of the SACM Coke Czar/Head. If you have any problems with the coke machine, please contact one of us. Note that even if you ask very nicely, we're not going to put anything but Coke products into our machine, because that would be wrong. Coke is it! Well, not really. Actually they have this silly monopoly thing, and all of our commando raids to take over Coke headquarters have failed, so we're stuck with it for the time being.

Of course, none of this would be possible without these wacky people.

Ours is merely one of many coke machines on the internet; many exist all around the world, and some are far more elaborate than ours. Here is a link to the canonical source for internet coke machines.

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Last modified: 10 Sep 2008